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PRIME comes complete with document and presentation templates.  Key documents also have guides on how much detail you should normally go into, and how long it should take to prepare.  All of this is geared to help you keep overheads to a minimum.

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While other approaches leave you to search elsewhere for techniques, PRIME gives you the Techniques Toolbox.  It covers lots of powerful and proven techniques, each clearly illustrated and explained so you can use them straight away.

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Start simply and add complexity as you need it.

The core of PRIME is simple, which is good for most projects. The PowerPacks bring you the extra power for the less straightforward projects.

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project drivers

sensible, pragmatic advice to different subject areas of project management.  Each of the drivers is comprehensive.

And - unlike other approaches - the PRIME Project Drivers leave no gaps.

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the core

structured, step-by-step progression through four stages in a simple sequence.  Starting from the very first idea for the project and going right the way through to closure and measuring the benefits after delivery.

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the 5 PRIME components

PRIME the project implementation method

simple, complete, straightforward project management

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