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About Anglo-Swiss Projects

Anglo-Swiss Projects is the partnership between Nick and Philipp.

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Who is behind PRIME?

PRIME has been developed by Nick Graham and Philipp Straehl.  Both bring many years of practical project experience to PRIME.

Nick has been involved with projects and project methods for more than 25 years.  He is a trainer as well as a consultant and is the author of the UK edition of Project Management for Dummies and of PRINCE2 for Dummies, a best selling guide which explains the PRINCE2 project management method.

Philipp has worked on a wide variety of projects including innovative use of project methods.  He is managing partner of a consultancy company.

projects simply delivered successfully / focus on delivery

Many project management methods today are actually focused on training to pass exams.  They do not want to sell a method but rather ‘qualification’ certificates.  That is how they make their money.  These methods lost their focus, totally.
We wanted a method which guides you through a project step-by-step.

For us a project management method needs to focus on the project delivery.  But if you need a long training course before you are able to use a method, something is definitely wrong.

Other methods focus on project documentation.  This is so wrong! Nobody will accept a failed project because of a wonderful documentation (of failure)!
We wanted a method with no bureaucracy and only the needed documentation in a format convenient to the people using it.

We wanted a method which delivers projects in a simple way successfully. And this is why we created PRIME.

help people involved in project work

For us a project management method should help people involved in a project, especially the project manager, team leaders and the project steering group members, to deliver the project successfully and fast. Nothing less and nothing more.

We wanted a method which helps people delivering projects in a simple and fast way.

Therefore we called our method PRIME which stands for “PRoject Implementation MEthod.

frustration over existing methods

Basically we were really frustrated with the existing project management methods and approaches. We felt that they all either create massive complexity, miss out vital parts, have the wrong focus, drive bureaucracy or - for some few which we do not want to name - do all of above.

Some methods are so complicated that we felt you need to study them for an extended period, only  to find out that they are far from complete.

Some methods use a specialist gobbledegook no person can understand and therefore even the time invested into trying to understand them is lost time.

We wanted a simple and complete method with focus on delivery, minimum overheads and written in normal business language.

Why we developed PRIME (PRoject Implementation MEthod)

PRIME has been developed for three reasons.

Implementation brings success

Organisations are successful because of good implementation, not good plans.

Guy Kawasaki

PRIME the project implementation method

simple, complete, straightforward project management

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