all that you need

The method adapts to the way the organisation works.

And the method is complete and there are no resources needed to cover gaps or buy additional packages.

stay simple as long as you can

The core of PRIME is simple and straightforward. Complexity is only added when and where needed.

This helps to speed projects up, keep the focus and avoid unnecessary overhead costs and bureaucracy.

reduce overhead costs

PRIME is very cost conscious. Overhead costs to manage a project are low.

And with the fast start-up, PRIME reduces the preparation costs considerably.

effective communications

Achieving excellent communication is essential to project success. PRIME covers various aspects of communication including stakeholder management.

PRIME helps to share key information about the various aspects of a project in the different stages to the right level and audience at the right time.

ISO compliant & corporate governance codes

Applying project standards helps to reassure business’ and managers that projects achieve acceptable levels of proficiency.

PRIME is the first fully ISO 21500 compliant project management method plus it is aligned with two corporate governance codes.

step-by-step method

All underlying processes have been translated into an easy, flexible step-by-step approach. In PRIME, who does what when is always clear. The PRIME structure adapts easily to your organisation.

The flexibility is important to speed things up and make people feel comfortable with the tasks to deliver the project.

adequate, fact based controls

PRIME defines the control level based on checklists and profiles for every project. This is not only more flexible and pragmatic; it also reduces project duration, work load, management time and bureaucracy levels.

Projects are different from each others; therefore control levels should be different, too.

accelerate project execution

Projects are about speed of delivery and benefits. PRIME is designed to go fast. This 'need for speed' resulted in the method being simple as well.

However, going fast does not mean to cut corners. PRIME is comprehensive, thorough and complete. Actually PRIME covers many areas other methods left out.

focus on benefit realisation

Faster and shorter projects cost normally less, and the benefits come on stream earlier. PRIME has a very fast start-up and runs as fast as possible.

The focus of PRIME is on project delivery and benefits realisation and not on process thinking.

more benefits

Projects are about delivering planned benefits fast and successfully.  PRIME helps to do so systematically.

PRIME offers the method, tools, techniques and templates to deliver projects in a systematic and simple way.  All underlying processes have been translated into an easy step-by-step approach.  This allows the management focus to shift from understanding and following processes to get the job done.  And PRIME covers a project from the first idea till a project is fully implemented.

PRIME brings discipline to project management to keep projects on track. The pragmatic help, tips and many tools focus everybody on what needs to be done in the project. The unique clarity, simplicity and built in experience allows even complex and complicated projects to be delivered fast.

Plus PRIME is the first fully ISO 21500 compliant project management method and is also aligned with two corporate governance codes; so you follow automatically international standards and principles.

PRIME helps to deliver successful projects fast

PRIME the project implementation method

simple, complete, straightforward project management

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