closing and evaluating - measure benefits

This stage is in two parts with a checkpoint in between.

The first part of the stage covers the work of closing the project.

The second part of the stage covers evaluating the benefits and if the project achieved its objectives.

delivery stage(s) - get the job done

The delivery stage(s) is/are simple in concept but busy in practice.

In short this art of PRIME covers:

outlining and planning - prepare delivery

The Outlining and Planning Stage is to prepare the delivery stages.

In outlining, you produce a high level 'sketch' of the project.  This is to say what the project is and show how the work is justified.

Then there is a checkpoint - a quick check - to decide if the project is viable and whether or not to go ahead with full planning.

The full planning marks the start of the project itself and here the project is not only set down in more detail but decisions are also made on how it will be controlled.

idea and recommendation - fast start

The Idea and Recommendation Stage is to put forward an 'idea' and then make a 'recommendation' on whether you should continue with a high level project plan or not.

the core - structured progression

PRIME the project implementation method

simple, complete, straightforward project management

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