projects in a programme -

delivering in a formation

This PowerPack gives help and advice on setting up a project when that project is part of a programme of projects.

This PowerPacks outlines also the structure of a programme and helps decide if you should split a very large project into a programme of smaller projects.

iterative projects  - incremental development

PRIME allows for an iterative approach to product delivery where you want to take that approach.  It fits easily into the staged structure of the method and this PowerPack explains the fit.

small projects -

reduce to the minimum

PRIME offers an intermediate point between doing work as 'business as usual' and running a normal sized project.

This PowerPack covers this intermediate point.

high uncertainty projects -

the end is not always clear

Sometimes projects are going into the unknown to a high degree, and it can be difficult or even impossible to plan very far ahead.

Contrary to some approaches, PRIME is based on real life and does not mandate a plan with an end point.

high change environments -

change outside the project

Where the surrounding business change is considerable, then areas such as structure, communications and the need for a “quick win” deliverable need a special focus.

high risk projects -
risk management is key

Where the level of risk is significantly greater than normal, risk management needs to be intensified and you may consider the role of a risk manager.

long projects -
where things take time

Areas like staff change and changing business environment, maintaining momentum and avoiding isolation become important when you manage a long project.

large projects -
for substantial work

Large projects may need adjustment in areas such as roles, communications, planning, decision making and control and administration.

express projects -
where speed is everything

If significant acceleration in a project is needed, this PowerPack will help.

PowerPacks - powering demanding projects

We built PRIME® backwards!  Every major project method and approach we know puts all the complexity into the main text.  For most projects, that's overkill.

PRIME works the other way around.  The core of the method is really simple to use and that's fine for many - even most - projects.  When you face something more awkward, you just add a PowerPack.

Having separate PowerPacks allowed us to go into more details to really help you in these more complex projects - way beyond other methods and approaches. PRIME PowerPacks gives you the extra power when you need it, and only when you need it.

Plus PowerPacks are compatible and can be used singly or in combination with another one.

PowerPacks are flexible; there is always the option to use only part of a PowerPack.

For more information about our PowerPacks just drive with your mouse over one of the 9 PowerPacks.

PRIME the project implementation method

simple, complete, straightforward project management

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