PRIME is a complete method leaving no gaps or requiring you to go and find additional help elsewhere.

PRIME covers vital areas missed in other methods (e.g. budget control).

The method includes a set of powerful techniques to give you a comprehensive ‘toolbox’ so you don’t waste time searching.



Projects need some documentation for good management, but should never be focused on documents. PRIME keeps things as simple as possible and with documentation it emphasises "If there is little to say ... then say little."


focus on business and benefits delivery

The benefits are the reason why projects are run. Failed projects will deliver little to no benefits.

PRIME puts in place, and then maintains, a strong focus on delivery rather than just process. That focus is demonstrated in the method’s name “PRoject Implementation MEthod.


find reasons to continue, not to stop

The focus at the stage gates is to find solid reasons to continue. This deliberately reverses the default in many approaches. In PRIME managers answer the question “Why should we continue with this project?”. That helps establish that the project continues to be justified. Or a project is stopped as early as possible to avoid unnecessary costs.


run as quickly as possible

The method has been designed to run as quickly as possible and with as low overhead as possible. This keeps project costs down, and faster delivery means that you get the benefits of the project earlier.

PRIME is based on wide experience of real projects and has been thought through, challenged and thought through again.


total flexibility

PRIME offers total flexibility across different organisations and different types and sizes of project, including unusual ones.


straightforward and in touch with reality

PRIME is based on reality. Therefore - amongst others - it starts with an idea, includes handover, regular meetings and makes sure projects are getting evaluated and not only closed down.

It works the way your business works whether that be private, public or charity sector; it doesn’t expect or demand a different organisational culture.

Further PRIME:


add complexity only when needed

For less straightforward projects and environments PRIME offers a choice of add-on PowerPacks. These can be added selectively for a more powerful and sophisticated approach. With this PRIME can handle highly complex projects.

The advantage of adding complexity when needed is that the core method is easy and simple.

Adding more ‘power’ will translate into more time needed to manage the project. So you decide what complexity to add when and where.


keep it simple

Project management is not rocket science. So why should a project management method be complicated?

PRIME is simple, it has:

PRIME is simple to use.


focus on users

We think that the people using a method know best how to make it stronger and better. That is why we are listening to our clients and users and adapt our method to your suggestions, requests and feedback.

We understand that not everything is always clear. That is why we offer a helpline to get real support for your problems.


our 10 principles

PRIME® is built on 10 powerful principles.

PRIME the project implementation method

simple, complete, straightforward project management

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