project control techniques

  • if you go off track
  • exception Management
  • exception Management with lines
  • earned Value Method - EVM
  • four Dogs
  • slip Control
  • version Control
  • work flow diagram for progress

risk management techniques

  • interviewing
  • pareto principle
  • decision tree
  • force field analysis
  • insurance premium
  • Ishikawa diagram
  • mind map
  • SWOT analysis
  • risk checklist
  • risk workshop
  • risk anatomy diagram
  • risk matrix
  • risk proximity frame
  • risk review based on work flow Diagram

business case techniques

  • about justification and benefits
  • break-even analysis
  • discounted cash flow - DCF
  • internal rate of return - IRR
  • return on investment - ROI
  • sensitivity analysis

people management techniques

  • about management balance
  • demotivation
  • motivators and hygiene Factors
  • presentations
  • RACI matrix
  • team dynamics grid

project planning techniques

product planning

about products / Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) / Work Flow Diagram / Work Flow for inter-project mapping

activity planning

about getting from products to activities / Precedence Network / Critical Path Method (CPM) / Gantt Chart / Time Line / about the planning sequence / crashing activities


Delphi and modified Delphi / Parametric estimating / Three point estimating

Resource & financial planning

Resource Levelling / S-Curve

techniques toolbox - over 50 helpful techniques

Projects have been around for a very long time, and in that long time many techniques have been devised to help with the job of planning and controlling projects.

To make your use of PRIME® easier the techniques toolbox explains a number of key techniques and gives advice on how to use them. It is not constraining and exclusive though.  Of course, not all techniques are needed in a single project.

The toolbox groups the different techniques into 5 areas.

Just drive with your mouse over one of the toolbox signs for more information.

PRIME the project implementation method

simple, complete, straightforward project management

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